It is very important that children have good attendance at, and punctuality to, school: qualities respected throughout adult life and in the workplace. 

Children with 100% attendance in a term or throughout the year are awarded certificates at Attendance Assemblies. In addition, each class is rewarded with a £1 token to spend on classroom resources of their choice, for every day in which they have 100% attendance and no lates.

A school holiday list is sent to parents and carers, and can be found here on our website.

Parents and carers should plan their family holidays to coincide with those of the school.  The Headteacher is not allowed to authorise any leave of absence from school, other than in such exceptional circumstances as forces personnel returning from active duty, or family bereavements. In such circumstances, parents and carers should contact the Headteacher to explain the exceptional circumstances and complete an official leave of absence request form. Consideration is given to the circumstances, time of year and the child’s previous, and current, attendance, behaviour and progress. Any unauthorised absence must be recorded as such and a referral may be made to the Education Welfare Service, when a warning letter or penalty notice may be issued.

When children are absent through illness, parents should contact the school on the first day of absence. If no contact has been made, school will contact parents to ascertain the reason for the absence. If an appropriate reason is not given, the absence will be marked as unauthorised.


We receive weekly support from Laurence Jackson School’s Attendance Director, Mrs June O’Hanlon, who is available to support parents and carers with any concerns about their child’s punctuality or attendance. Please contact school for an appointment or to speak to Mrs O’Hanlon over the telephone.

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