The emotional well-being of children is a primary aim of all members of our school community. At any time there will always be a number of pupils within any school who are experiencing difficulties coping with their emotional needs. Children may become angry, develop low self-esteem or become withdrawn. This may be as a result of bereavement, loss, relationship issues or trauma.

When children find it difficult to recover from these upsets it stops them from returning to anything like their normal life and can affect their learning. To help children through these difficult times, we have a trained counsellor (Andrea Pyne) who works in school each week with individual children, offering opportunities to explore their feelings and emotions through art, games, play and discussion. Parents and carers will always be consulted and involved throughout the process.


If you have any concerns about your child’s emotional well-being, please see your child’s class teacher, or make an appointment to speak informally to Andrea on a Tuesday morning.

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